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Cozy family child care is as a multi-age in-home licensed family child care. Your childcare providers hold ECE, IT, and first aid certificates in addition to criminal record check and referrals. For your child safety and yourself my family child care is licensed by the City of Vancouver.

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Our Vision and Mission @ Cozy

Cozy daycare works to empower children, promote individuality, and develop strong partnerships with families while creating an environment that helps young children attain physical, cognitive, social, and emotional achievements, preparing them for the next step in life. Each child brings to Cozy Family Childcare a history of life experience and cultural heritage. In a nurturing and play-based environment, our curriculum build children’s self-esteem and problem solving skills, while fostering respect for themselves and others.

Our Goals:

  • Education
  • We are providing learning field for all children through a variety of experiences, exploration, and play.

  • Care and Trust:
  • While our learning child care is providing an environment that helps children develop their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills, we will provide our service with high quality to attain all families trustiness.

  • Respectful:
  • Respectful relationship is really important factor in our program. We care all children and their families equal and our believes are all ethnics, religious, and traditions are equal and respectful and we expect all families respect us as this early learning program’s provider.

  • Accountable:
  • Our purpose is to provide available resources and our staff will provide the best service in their area of responsibility.

  • Partnership:
  • We are not here to replace families; we just try to make a good bond between families and children and by providing different ways of communications with parents find the best way to connect with children.

Cozy Family Child Care complies with the latest standards regulated by CCRR to protect your children and provide them a safe and welcome place to stay.

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